Saucedo explained the changes and mobilization under his administration.

The proposal follows several high-profile shootings on college campuses, and would be modeled after AlcoholEdu.

Plans for an Asian floor in Birnkrant were addressed at the USG meeting Tuesday.

Senators delivered updates about their work to make USC a more inclusive environment at the USG meeting Tuesday.

Senators also discussed health center wait times and Sexual Assault Awareness Week at Tuesday’s meeting.

Students can now vote to revise University policies, senators decided Tuesday.

Senators discussed goals for these branches, such as expanding food options in libraries.

The vote on the resolution was postponed two weeks ago and passed with a 11-1 vote at the USG Senate meeting Tuesday. evening.

USC News Diversity Delay: The USG Senate met Tuesday to vote on the campus climate resolution presented a week ago. The meeting didn’t quite go as planned. Large crowds packed into the small room to watch the discussion heat up among the USG leaders. The plan has become a big issue for student assemblies all […]