Dale Minami discussed parallels between Japanese internment during World War II and President Donald Trump's travel bans.

Audience members noted the panelists' ability to find common ground.

They must be informed of their rights so they can apply for financial aid and access higher education.

We should question the effectiveness of a “humanitarian” intervention, in response to innocent deaths, that itself reportedly killed four children.

The conversation focused on the White House’s effects on civil liberties.

The University joined 30 other colleges, including Stanford, MIT and Dartmouth, in opposing Trump’s executive action.

The discussion comes after a rollback on policies from the Obama administration.

Campus organizers work to build community resistance to President Trump’s policies.

Though the Trump administration’s tone toward journalists will set a precedent for the treatment of media, the blastZONE Spring 2017 editorial board will help members of this campus decide what kind of university we want to be.

Panelists aimed to predict what the President-elect would say in his address.