For survivors of sexual assault, justice takes different forms. Rather than be defined by their trauma, they seek to define themselves through advocacy and activism.

The Santa Monica Rape Treatment Center offers a range of services, but advocates question whether the University doing enough to help students on campus

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr have created a space for survivors to build support networks.

Football is a violent sport, on and off the field. As issues of domestic and sexual violence dominate headlines, the NFL and NCAA are forced to search for solutions.

During a time when the current Title IX protections become vulnerable under the current presidential administration, it is important that the University continues to uphold and expand upon its efforts to combat sexual assault.

Despite the University’s effort to “chase zero” sexual assaults, it is clear that much work remains

Armaan Premjee was also removed from the Kappa Sigma fraternity following his arrest.

On March 1, the Georgia House of Representatives passed House Bill 51, which would not only place limits on colleges’ ability to investigate reports of sexual assault, but also require all cases of campus sexual assault to be reported to law enforcement. The bill, which is still pending before the Georgia Senate’s Judiciary Committee, is […]

The recent sentencing of an athlete paralleled that of Brock Turner at Stanford.

Though Biden is exceptionally prepared to take on new initiatives addressing sexual assault, he will undoubtedly need the support of universities such as USC.