In this week’s Soundboard, students express their opinions on the cancellation of the Fountain Run, as well as their pitches for a new Senior Run. Watch to find out more. For more information about the cancellation of the Fountain Run, read here.  

The Skull and Dagger Society marked its 100th year at SC by pranking students and faculty.

Skull and Dagger prank USC students on Tuesday by holding a fake special announcement at Tommy Trojan, commemorating their 100 year anniversary. Current USG President Mikey Geragos introduced the event, with athletes Matt Barkley, Marqise Lee and Khaled Holmes announcing the prank.

Skull & Dagger faked a contest which students were told they could win Coachella tickets.

The USC-UCLA football game this weekend might spark little interest nationwide for the first time this in many years, but that doesn’t mean the students have forgotten about the game.

The honor society handed out fake coupons for free food, disappointing students and causing problems for administrators at USC Hospitality.