In January, as a response to the inauguration of President Donald Trump, millions of people around the world joined forces to march for women’s and human rights, descending on cities from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. to London in a flurry of passion and activism.  Millennials, who overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton, made their presence […]

The discussion comes after a rollback on policies from the Obama administration.

Dialogue is more effective in fostering education and empathy than name-calling.

Panelists discussed the University’s responsibilities to help students affected by recent White House actions on immigration.

Prevent are slowly becoming a springboard into political arguments — and that’s my nightmare.

David Cameron spoke about the importance of global collaboration during a time of deep political division.

The panelists talked about how their backgrounds affected their leadership.

Panelists aimed to predict what the President-elect would say in his address.

USC students cannot afford to remain complacent in the incoming Donald Trump era.

The new director hopes to place more students in competitive Washington, D.C. internships.