USC graduate Lauren McGoodwin began her website Career Contessa as part of her senior thesis. The site launched in 2012.

New legislation should be implemented to protect students who take on unpaid internships.

The presidential debate Wednesday night highlighted just how fundamentally the two presidential candidates differ on how to relieve the nation’s debt crisis.

Students shouldn’t lose sleep over the media’s claims that college degrees don’t matter.

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs Marty Levine said gender plays no role in determining faculty salaries.

Venture for America, a new business version of Teach for America, shows promise.

A study finds undergraduate interns on average will earn $16.21 per hour this summer.

Graduating seniors should rethink career-related entitlement.  Somehow, February ran away from us, midterm season is here and the mild Los Angeles winter has broken into spring. Not far ahead, graduation stares the class of 2012 in the face. Those of us planning to enter the workforce need to face the facts: We think we are […]

Though alternative energy is important, American citizens are hurting right now — it’s time to tap into U.S. natural resources.

USC hosts many fairs, but underclassmen and liberal arts majors still feel left out.