While Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump dismissed it as “locker room banter,” people across social media were quick to call out the dangerous nature of the now infamous Trump tapes, in which Trump, among other things, discusses kissing and grabbing women “by the p—y.” After the tape was released, one Twitter user, first introduced by […]

If politicians do not prioritize ending sexual discrimination, the public will feel the consequences.

News sources confuse the public by attempting to predict election results too soon.

“A Plan to Save the Republican Party,” is the headline for Daniel Altman’s latest article in Foreign Policy. In it, the economics professor at the Stern School of Business describes the growing rift that began with primary challenges to Republican incumbents and most recently climaxed with the standoff over defunding the Affordable Care Act. Altman […]

Congress’s failure to compromise could potentially affect the wellness of the American people.

The lack of coordination in the Republican Party is ultimately beneficial for preserving the ACA and resolving negotiations.

More than half of the Republican Party voted against the Violence Against Women Act, revealing disinterest in women’s rights.

The Massachusetts GOP’s approval of abortion in cases of rape or incest is oppressive.

What made the difference between a second term for President Barack Obama and a first term for Mitt Romney? Ninety-three percent of black voters, 71 percent of Hispanic voters, 73 percent of Asian voters, 55 percent of women voters, 63 percent of voters earning a family income under $30,000 and 60 percent of voters ages […]