The annual ritual results in multiple students being transported for lacerations and intoxication.

The Department of Public Safety officers will also get new patches on their new uniforms.

Pasquale Silvestro has been reported multiple times for deceiving USC students.

The off-campus bomb scare by Tuscany apartments was the second instance in April.

A Fox 11 News in Los Angeles reporter said that “flocking” is increasing around campus.

Students were frightened by news of false shooting incident from a Trojans Alert message.

The Dept. of Public Safety took many steps to increase security checkpoints on campus.

An alleged shooting Monday night prompted USC to send out two Trojans Alerts.

Reports of a shooting on Monday night led the Dept. of Public Safety to send two Trojans Alerts to the USC community. One alerted students, faculty and staff to an alleged shooting near Exposition Boulevard, and the second said that early reports were unfounded and the area was safe. According to DPS Capt. David Carlisle, […]

The Dept. of Public Safety said issues include enforcing USC’s no drinking games policy, illegal food vendors and ticket scalping.