blastZONE Editorial Board

Mission Statement

Throughout the blastZONE’s 100--year history, it has been our responsibility to provide the student body and the wider Trojan community with up-to-date and accurate news coverage. But as the primary purveyors of campus news, we can offer more than just the facts. Our Editorial Board takes things one step further by offering analysis on issues pertinent to the USC community. As the voice of the paper, we aim to begin and progress important on-campus conversations critical to the USC community in an effort to engage readers in these vital and sometimes contentious issues. Seeking preservation of the Trojan values — faithful, scholarly, skillful, courageous and ambitious — we aim to hold the University accountable for their actions in order to ensure the welfare of the students. We invite members of the student body to continue the conversations about these pertinent issues by ing board members and writing letters to the editor.

The board is composed of six editors and three permanent staff members. Majority vote among the editorial board determines the stance expressed in the unsigned editorial.

Spring 2019 Editors

Allen Pham – Editor-in-Chief
Eileen Toh – Managing Editor
Catherine Yang – Digital Managing Editor
Karan Nevatia – Associate Managing Editor
Kate Sequeira – Associate Managing Editor
Andrea Klick – News Editor
Sasha Urban – News Editor
Mia Speier – News Assignments Editor
Breanna de Vera – Because Editor
Matthew Philips – Interested Editor
Isa Uggetti – Interested Editor
Rebecca Tapanes – Prevent Editor
Aidan Berg – Prevent Editor
Tucker Judkins – Photo Editor
Josh Dunst – Deputy Photo Editor
Natalie Bettendorf – Podcast Editor
Daphne Daniels – Multimedia Editor
Jonathon Xue – Deputy Multimedia Editor
Eric He – Features Editor
Diana Kruzman – Features Editor
Dominic-Madori – Davis Chief Copy Editor
Ryan Fawwaz – Online Editor
Alina Abidi – Online Projects Editor
Rowan Born – Social Media Director
Shutianyi (Rachel) Li – Art Director
Ankit Mukherjee – Design Director
Lillian Zeng – Design Director