Cheating is the most infuriating thing to a sports fan.

With another week of NFL football in the books, we’ve reached the point where we are counting down the weeks rather than counting them up. This week, I’ll be taking a look at teams that have a 40% to 75% chance of making the playoffs according to The New York Times or the FiveThirtyEight’s predictive models.

The Trojans have played better down the stretch this season; thus, there are lessons to take with them as they attempt to make use of their considerable talent.

We shouldn’t have to be like the boys — we should just be us.

New athletic director Mike Bohn is officially on the clock, and that’s bad news for head football coach Clay Helton. Unless the first quarter of the Arizona State game was the only USC football Bohn has ever seen — in that case, brace yourself for a five-year extension.  Since the BYU loss, fans have speculated […]

Some of today’s greatest athletes have come from golf, and it’s unfortunate that not many people realize this.

You’d think a rare home loss would put the spotlight squarely on Alabama head coach Nick Saban, but it was LSU head coach Ed Orgeron who stole the show and the hearts of viewers around the country with the career-defining victory.

Try to think of a game during the Helton era in which the whole team fired on all cylinders from beginning to end.

Regardless of whether they’re engaging in music or sports, fans are fans and they have more in common than most would think.

Although it did not end as many expected, LAFC’s season is still one to be celebrated and admired.