I hope those who selected the word “whiteness” understand how their mural could be interpreted to mean something negative and unintended, and subsequently join the conversation and debate around the mural.

Criticizing conversations about racism by challenging the appropriateness of its tone or the diction is a worn leaf out of a conservative playbook.

Adding the citizenship question might reduce response rates and skew population counts away from immigrants, which is the underlying purpose of the policy change.

With varying opinions across the country, Americans deserve a consensus on the census. 

If consumers continue to reward companies that breach their privacy, tech companies will only continue to mine our online identities for personal information that churns a massive profit when sold to consulting firms and advertising agencies.

The courts have ruled that free speech is “less free” in school settings, and that students shed some of their constitutional rights when they arrive at school gates.

As neo-Nazism and white nationalism have entered the mainstream, universities everywhere are grappling with what to do when their students are openly racist.

Indeed, adding six conservative professors to Arizona State may give students crucial, additional exposure to conservative ideology they presently lack, given the overwhelming liberal majority in academia.

"Lawmakers shouldn’t be telling universities what to teach, and they definitely shouldn’t be handpicking new (conservative) professors in an effort to “de-liberalize” the modern university campus."