Dr. Folt, we’re believing in you to lead our way to the success we know USC is worthy of — but if you don’t, we’ll be here to hold you accountable.

Graduation speakers have the same right to free speech as other campus speakers.

While there are some funds for unpaid internships, they don’t cover the full cost.

Being able to take care of one’s body is a basic human right.

Describing Chinese students as a “whole-of-society threat” is racist and harmful.

USC is well known for having a diverse student body, with recent student demographic records indicating that nearly 70 percent of students come from an underrepresented ethnic or racial group. With that ethnic diversity also comes cultural and religious variety. Because of that, the University must accommodate all religions by not holding classes on major […]

As news of the nationwide college admissions bribery case and the celebrity stars involved continue to flood nightly newscasts and Facebook feeds months after the college admissions scandal was first made public, both the media and the USC administration are having trouble focusing on much else.  Articles examining the struggles of first-generation college students go […]

The University’s current ‘case by case’ review allows for too much discretion.

The University has yet to apologize for allegations made three months ago.

The new score would help increase socioeconomic diversity at a university often ridiculed for its privileged student body.