Trojan Council, a group of four USC governing bodies, is currently in its formalizing stages and hopes to host its first ever University Forum at the end of the semester.

The Senate voted to make it illegal for senators to endorse candidates.

The censure was incorrectly issued in response to hazing allegations against the VP.

Blake Ackerman apologized to senators during a USG meeting Tuesday evening.

On Tuesday, the Undergraduate Student Government shared a document of their 2018 Elections Code on their website, allowing students to edit and make comments.

Over 450 students received free vaccinations Wednesday from L.A. County Public Health.

Sen. Michaela Murphy co-authored the resolution to help out-of-state students.

Some senators feel that there should be more checks on events that receive funding.

The Office of Campus Activities determined that the event on Thursday will not lose funding.

Meeting attendees discussed the funding of a conservative speaker coming to campus.