A California judge ordered USC to pay $111,965 in attorney fees late last month to a student accused of rape in 2016, after deeming its Title IX investigation unfair.

The College Democrats at USC and the Unruh Associates hosted the event.

Thirty-five percent of the homeless youth living in Los Angeles identify as LGBTQ.

The Pasadena museum had seismic retrofitting renovations since last June.

Young journalists across Los Angeles attended High School Journalism Day.

The USC Special Collections Library is archiving posters from the Women’s March in downtown Los Angeles.

The Wayfarer Foundation hosts the Carnival of Love annually for the homeless.

The event featured well-established companies as well as start-ups.

Over 750,000 people flooded the streets of L.A. Saturday morning, making their way from Pershing Square to City Hall and back again.

Her book explores Latino cuisine and communities around the L.A. area.