With his debut album and subsequent tour, singer-songwriter Ryan Beatty is working to continue his upward trajectory and inject his own creative perspective into the fiber of the music industry.

Despite her endeavors as a model and actress, Ora seems determined to keep music at the forefront of her career with “Phoenix.”

The lovechild of funk and rap, “Oxnard” pairs psychedelic melodies with bold verses for an album that truly captures Anderson .Paak’s skilled musicianship.

Camp Flog Gnaw, however, is no ordinary music festival. The “Gnawville” thoroughfare featured carnival rides and games, extensive dining options and merchandise booths, offering patrons an opportunity to experience a music festival in a whimsical carnival setting.

Written after the band lost guitarist and founding member Tom Searle to skin cancer, the album reflects on pain, grief and overcoming obstacles in a grueling and guttural project. Unfortunately, the album buries itself in the conventions of its genre and fails to feel truly original.

His groovy, electronic pop sound perfectly captured the relaxed mood created by sunlight reflecting off attendees’ content faces as they swayed to the music.

Despite the main act’s prowess, the two opening acts, Divinity Band and Shells, appeared disengaged with the audience.

With the first few songs of his set, pop star Troye Sivan showed immense growth as a performer.

On Tuesday night, Thornton School of Music hosted Las Tubas Trios.

On Wednesday night, the blastZONE sat down with up-and-coming pop artist Carlie Hanson to talk tunes.