Arthur Fleck twirls, twirls and twirls a sign, enclothed in full clown attire — he dances and smiles without a worry in the world. Everyone walks by him, creeped out more than anything.  But that doesn’t matter to Fleck, who is enjoying himself as he forgets how he’s perceived by the world. When a group […]

USC alumnus Fernando Lebrija participated in the 2019 Latino Media Festival.

Last week, I made a budget. I’m not big on financial organization (even on those rare occasions when I actually have finances to organize), but I was in the life-planning mood that morning.  Listing out my expenses, I saw that my biggest category was entertainment — mainly going to the movies, no surprise there. I […]

“Don’t you know? What matters the most is keeping humanity.”  That line in the film may have been delivered as a moral declaration, but it is also a basic question of screenwriting 101: How can we best bring a character to life, as a believable and three-dimensional person without relying on tropes that render them […]

James Gray, a School of Cinematic Arts alumnus, is no stranger to making films about fathers and sons.

Loving someone (or something) means showing it.  You know the classic rom-com trope — the guy does some bold, sacrificial thing that shows the girl how much he loves her and they live happily ever until the screen goes dark. Thus we are meant to learn one of the simplest, toughest, noblest principles of love: […]

On a warm Wednesday night, crowds poured into the School of Cinematic Arts’ George Lucas Building 30 minutes early in anticipation of  the “It Chapter Two” early screening. Spirits were high, and chatter filled the concourse. Doors finally opened at 6:30 p.m., and they were promptly closed six minutes later as the room had already […]

“The Gatekeeper” is a 17-minute military thriller depicting the realities of war.

In the post-“Get Out” era of horror-comedy, it’s difficult to see new films without the veil of the movies’ shadow. “Ready or Not,” a horror comedy produced by USC alumnis Tripp Vinson and James Vanderbilt, is no freer of that burden than any other new horror film. From the moment the camera pulls away from […]

When audiences saw Andy give away Woody and the rest of the gang to Bonnie at the end of “Toy Story 3,” many fans likely  assumed it was the perfect swan song for the beloved characters. That’s why skepticism lingered over the idea of another entry in the “Toy Story” franchise. However, “Toy Story 4” […]