CORRECTION:  A version of this article that ran online and in the June 26 edition of the blastZONE erroneously omitted information that changed the intended meaning of the author’s words. The blastZONE regrets the error. The man sitting across from me said to call him whatever I wanted. I tested the waters: “How […]

Los Angeles is a city concealed under botox and filler, coated in a thick layer of Hollywood gloss and overshadowed by its glamorous reputation.  Growing up less than two hours away, I carried a perception of Los Angeles that mirrored that of any other tourist — the city belonged to movie stars and internet celebrities, […]

As our consumerism worsens, the Internet — and all the entertainment within — becomes a space dedicated solely to attracting and holding its users’ attentions.

Mariscos Jalisco eclipses the definition of lonchera with a swift drizzle of fresh salsa.

This past semester, I had the opportunity to interview the most amazing black entrepreneurs.

As my time as a USC student and blastZONE columnist comes to an end, perhaps it’s why I’ve been dreading writing the ending to my own story, my final column.

Where would we literally be without film’s ability to transport us places we would never go and insert us into times we never experienced?

Yesterday marked the end of the 20th annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Coachella’s decades-long history is perhaps the most interesting in contemporary festival culture.

The Boiling Crab serves Vietnamese-Cajun food, a twist on classic Cajun cooking with Vietnamese standards.