Ganja, pot, kush, weed, grass — cannabis has taken on many different names throughout its history in the U.S. As weed culture evolves, so does the slang used to describe the drug. But one word has stood the test of time: marijuana.  The etymology of marijuana has long been debated, with many potential explanations for […]

Under the vibrant orange hue of fluorescent lights, thousands have gathered, arms outstretched toward a new temple offering a singular form of solace: chicken.  For years, it has been neglected, cast in the shadow under other chicken-serving giants. But now, it had emerged, blinking in the morning sun … a chance — at long last […]

Just a year ago, the hip-hop community and beyond saw headlines reading “Mac Miller dead at 26.” The Pittsburgh-born rapper and producer was an ever-changing artist within the hip-hop community. For fans who followed him over the course of his 11- year career, we saw his career transform from frat-rap with singles like “Donald Trump” […]

When I think of summer, I think of endless sunny days, freedom from the everyday mundane routines and time to explore new avenues of self-expression. While some may have had such a picturesque season, I, on the other hand, had a summer lived through the internet (not as boring as it sounds, I promise). And […]

With his experimental first mixtape, “Jesus Said Run It Back,” LBC puts it all out there.

Trojan Football season is here —  and with that comes the weekly ritual of tailgating with friends and fellow Trojans. While beer might be the drink of choice for many on game day, wine can be a better alternative for those who want to spice things up just a bit.  Burgers and hot dogs are […]

Since I joined the blastZONE, I knew I wanted to write a column about weed.

In the midst of a dinner rush at Grand Central Market, secluded from the main arteries of the food hall gushing with people, I’m sitting perched on a barstool, staring at a wall of bagged tostadas. In front of me is a plate piled high with fresh shrimp ceviche, speckled with crisp cucumber and cilantro. […]

This year, “@badgalriri” will honor Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley, and civil rights activist Shaun King will receive the Diamond Ball Award.

I’m going to be upfront — I am not a sommelier. Despite my lack of formal education in the field, I do know I enjoy wine and have spent countless hours drinking it.  This column is meant to be a petite, tongue-in-cheek introduction to the world of wine, not a comprehensive one by any means. […]