The first football practice I covered as a staff writer at the blastZONE was the one after head coach Steve Sarkisian showed up to a booster event inebriated, went on a drunken, profanity-laced tirade and later apologized for in front of a horde of cameras. This, I learned as a wide-eyed freshman, was just […]

USC took an untraditional route to arrive at its most traditional postseason landing spot historically: the Rose Bowl game, or the “Granddaddy of Them All.” Despite concluding the regular season on an eight-game winning streak, USC failed even receive a berth to the conference title game. But after Washington won the Pac-12 Championship, it also punched its […]

An offensive barrage that saw USC hit its first 6 three-point attempts of the second half against Pepperdine killed off any of the already-futile hopes the Waves had of escaping the Galen Center with a win Sunday. The Trojans defeated visiting Pepperdine (4-6), 93-67, to improve to 9-0 on the season. With the victory, USC […]

On Monday, members of the university honored the professor who was found dead in his office at USC after being fatally stabbed on Dec. 2.

The USC student accused of stabbing professor Bosco Tjan to death at the Seeley G. Mudd building last week pled not guilty during his arraignment Tuesday.

In this last week of poems, I am responding to the recent election. During the week of the election, I was busy with schoolwork and didn’t really have time to actually let the knowledge of its repercussions sink in. It began when I was walking to class one day and I saw a white male […]

Developing a daily or weekly routine is extremely important. Studies show that people who develop a routine are generally happier, less stressed out, and have more leisure time than people who do not follow any sort of routine. In high school, developing a routine was fairly simple for me. I started and ended school at […]

We’ve all heard the common cliche phrase “there’s no place like home,” but I have never felt the true sentimental value of being “home.” To me, my home is not defined by the physical space of my room or house, but rather the collective feelings of being with my friends, spending time at my favorite […]

Three tissue boxes and one large bowl of chicken noodle soup later, and I am finally sitting down to write this last article for the semester. It is safe to say that the four papers I had due back-to-back right after Thanksgiving did not give me much time to enjoy my food coma…or leftovers for […]