With spring just around the corner, this weekend’s box office brings several new releases, targeting a variety of demographics. While all of these films will suffer because of the Academy Awards on Sunday, some of them should have enough draw to audiences to the theaters. The most talked about release this weekend should be the […]

I have this thing for bell peppers, especially since I noticed that spring break is about three weeks away and I am nowhere near bikini shape – anyone with me. Bell peppers are my go-to if I’m craving sweets, if I need a snack, if I’m eating late, if I don’t have time to cook […]

If you don’t speak Russian and you don’t speak German, you might want to think about taking a crash course in Rosetta Stone before watching Stalingrad out of concern that a subtitled film about an epic tale of love and war would be too much for the monolingual brain. And you would be right — […]

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The event’s panel featured prominent Asian-Pacific Americans such as voice actor Dante Basco from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Viterbi offers various female-focused programs for women engineers.

Michael Reinprecht spoke on the foreign organization’s future plans and policies.

Non-Stop, a new thriller, features a stocked cast limited by a flawed screenplay.

All your bags are packed, you’re ready to go — or are you? Traveling to a new city might seem simple enough, but having a plan can mean the difference between a good vacation and a great vacation. Upon recently returning from the first weekend trip of my semester abroad, I’ve found that some of […]

A weak story and lackluster performances from Robert De Niro and John Cusack sink David Grovic’s grossly inept crime thriller.