The USC Retired Faculty Association has awarded their Caldwell Scholarship to two freshmen recipients.

Pablo Escobar of Los Angeles and Francisco Iturbe Jr. of Huntington Park, both undeclared freshmen, will each receive $3,000 per year as part of the Russell Caldwell Neighborhood Scholarship Program.

The scholarship was created in 1966 as a neighborhood outreach program throughout the Los Angeles area. USC history and journalism professor Dr. Russell Caldwell began to collect funds from his fellow faculty members in order to provide scholarships for incoming students from local high schools.

The scholarship is granted to twelve USC students, each of whom receive $3,000 for each year of undergraduate education. The program is funded by the USC Retired Faculty Association, the LAS Office of Academic Relations, and the Emeriti Center College.

Continuing scholars include Shaveonte Graham, Natalie Guevara, Karen Martinez, Eva Ortega, Jazzmin Owens, Bertrad Perdomo and Jazmin Reyes.