Wednesday night’s USG debate might have helped the presidential tickets continue to garner student support on Facebook, as most gained more than a hundred new members since Wednesday.

The numbers as of Thursday night:

Chris Cheng, Nehi Ogbevoen: Two groups, 1,464 members (increase of 174)

Vote Chris and Nehi: USG Elections 2010

1,246 members — up from 1,088 (increase of  158)

Greeks For Chris and Nehi 2010

218 members — up from 202  (increase of 16)

Dylan Dann and Addison McCaleb:  Three groups, 1,684 members (increase of 138)

Vote Dann-McCaleb!

1,040 members — up from 930 (increase of 110)

Greeks for Dann-McCaleb

579 members — up from 558 (increase of 21)

Seniors for Dann and McCaleb!

65 members — up from 58 (increase of 7)

Andrew Matson and Juan Orjuela: One group, 140 members (increase of 11)

It’s About You! Vote Andrew and Juan in 2010

140 members — up from 129 (increase of 11)

Jonathon Munoz-Proulx and Ryan Walsh: One group, one fan page, 1,021 members  (increase of 283)

Group:  JMP Walsh 2010

483 members — up from 312  (increase of 171)

Fan page:  JMP Walsh 2010

538 fans — up from 426  (increase of 112)

The Dann-McCaleb ticket has maintained its lead with the most members overall, the Cheng and Ogbevoen have the most members in any single group, and are only 220 members behind Dann and McCaleb’s total. The Munox-Proulx-Walsh ticket continues to show the the most growth, adding nearly 300 members since yesterday.