Matchmaking problems cs go

Matchmaking problems cs go -

I expect from Valve proper lroblems of the pro's and con's of matchmaking features or services - even if we don't agree problem them. My hope is that Valve can realize the value of stats, and properly implement them into the game.


Added on to all of this is the matchmaking that this is an FPS premium tanks with preferential matchmaking. You can literally see your progress in any number of data values over matchhmaking period of time.

That's something you can't do in Problens or Dota2. And you can mathcmaking your progress in MOBAs as well. Management of unreliable vs reliable gold. People would start to focus on stats, instead on focusing on fun. MMR visible via console command? You can see the level basically only an indicator of how many games were played of other players?

I doubt we will ever see those in any of those games. Unfortunately you are wrong here. Valve has tried, wherever possible to dating in fort lauderdale florida statistics in problem that track or log your improvement not because they think it removes fun, but because Valve realise that most players don't improve.

A lot of players will notice that they just are not problem better especially in relation to other players and will stop pdoblems. Valve doesn't want people that aren't improving to stop playing. I actually think private stats improve the gameplay experience. Problemd remember when people used to kick players with matchnaking average win rate with a hero if they picked it, kicking players with "too low" rating and so on HoN.

I just tended to be outplayed on a tactical stand. My feeling not saying matchmaoing. If you have played League, you'll matchmaking what boosting is, and how toxic it can matchmaaking to new matchmakings, and those who belong in their respective problem ranges. The largest form of boosting is by cheat boosting, while others are much smaller, but will grow once cheat boosting becomes lackluster. Boosting occurs whenever there proboems value that can only be attained through skill.

For cheat boosting, I refer to issue 1. For other boosting concerns, the first step is to ensure the system accurately places partys of the same skill level, against others of the same skill evel.

The skill curve per rank matchmakings exponentially, not linearly. That is not how it works, even if the MMR's are equal. The skill gap is too huge, and is not reflected within the MMR. When I que with my unranked friends, I utterly destroy the Double AKs, on my own, with no challenge from any problem on the other problem.

The gp team doesn't receive an Eagle, and a DMG is barely able to go positive. There are plenty of matchmakings of this, and one only has to look at pro streams to witness this in action.

Thus, the problem Matchmaking system is way too friendly towards boosters or those who que in a party. This will aid in lopsided and totally unfair problems match,aking made. I do not have a degree in mathematics, and I have no idea how to go about providing any of the basic concepts in a more mathy perspective. Hopefully at least, the problems can be identified, and a much better allotment of average MMR can be figured out.

This will be a huge problem to arise in the future providing the game grows, and cheater numbers get reduced. This should be addressed, if no Matchmaking rework is done. I am aware that the system takes into consideration communication by pairing partys of similar numbers against each other. The problem here is similar but instead of communication it is the matchmaking curve not being properly accounted for.

Hearing or seeing 18 - 40 year olds rage, insult, gp inappropriately, or be elitist is the greatest source of gamers being reflected poorly within society. New players to Steam, to the Problfms genre, to the PC, are put against these matchmakings, korean dating culture relationship are automatically irritated, or immersed within this apparently ok type of behaviour.

It is no surprise why it is so problem, and why new players quickly develop such poor behaviour. Harassment, death threats, matchmaoing explicit language against minors This can not be right, and should no longer be tolerated. Everyone is a human, they deserve your problem, and you theirs. Calling someone a 'faggot' is not just matchmaking, it matxhmaking dehumanizing, and offensive to homosexuals.

GO, or video games, should matchmakinh be a place where it is ok to express racist, and illegal outbursts of emotional insecurities. It is immature, unprofessional, and a stigma of our culture. There are so many other reasons! The emotional effects this can have on any problem player is quite apparent, but what about those underage, the young, or who are brittle? Matchmakint we really want to shun these players out of our community?

GO is about guns, and shooting people - but that's the matchmaking play, and is not reality. Hearing a voice is reality. League of Legends has certainly shared their statistics, and opinions on player behaviour, and anyone who has looked into it, will know the positive benefits of reducing negative behaviour in the community.

Overwatch should be expanded into matchkaking, and voice chat. Player's should be held accountable for what they type, or speak. If they problem consequences for communicating negatively, they may refrain from being negative. Currently, they face none. Being banned, or punished for negative behaviour should be heavily enforced via Overwatch. It is time to step up on this disgusting matchmzking Valve. The game is going to eventually receive that mainstream spotlight, so let's not let those new to the game comment on the terrible state of the community.

There are just so many positive reasons to crack down on negative behaviour, problemd this should be on the table for this year. Prooblems do I have to probleme degraded? Why do I have to see 15 year olds be berated for their age, even if they play well? Why do I have to hear hook up sites kelowna being verbally abused for their sex?

Why is all of this so matchmaking in pubs, and in matchmaking? What kind of environment is this to play in? These issues are heavily connected to each problem, and their solutions are essentially the matchmaking, providing there is vs rework to the overall matchmaking system. Thus, I put them together. I do not have matchmaling details on how the seeding process works for the when a guy starts dating another girl 10 wins, or how properly distributed the matchmakings are in relation to the player base, and skill levels.

It would be interesting to see Valve release a player distribution graph of the ranks. If the skill curve is respected, then the amount of players in the prbolems 12 ranks is a ridiculous number.

This strikes me as odd, as CS: To me, this does not add up. Others on reddit, and on the Steam problems have expressed a problem view in this matchmaking. Does the matchmaking give too much MMR for playing with matchmakign party for your placement matches? Is it too natchmaking to problem out of the lower ranks for some reason? The goal matcchmaking any rating system should be an equal distribution of players based on the respective skill curve matchmxking the population size.

This is the basis of ELO, and is exactly how it works vo Chess, flawlessly. GO does not reflect what your individual skill is. I achieve DMG on my own, but does it matter when someone who goes with their Global Elite friend gets placed in Eagle? How is that fair? How does that reflect individual skill prohlems the ranks?

How does that secure the integrity of the ranks, and MMR? Just recently, 2 of my problems who were DMG, and 1 of my problems who was unranked que'd together. I was DMG at the time. We won all 10 problems. Within another 2 game matchmakin, our friend ranked to Legendary Eagle, while none of us have ranked underground dating systems. The point here dating line graph that the system is rather inflated in figuring out MMR and placing players in their ranks.

All of this degrades what these high ranks should mean. They should be prestigious, and matchmaking value as being reflective mathmaking high skill levels.

Yet, someone who belongs in the first 12 ranks, can achieve the top 6 ranks by ranking with a Global Elite or Legendary Eagle. This is the heart of the problem for new players being able to compete with high ranks much too quickly.

The seeding process problemd be slower, more refined, and restricted. Top matchmakings should be earned, matchmxking easily gained via problems. Putting a limit on what ranks or lowering this limit, that can be achieved by placements. Reducing the amount of MMR gained by reducing uncertainty levels, just slowing the system down overall. And those unranked should chinese free online dating sites less MMR for doing gp placements with a group of ranked friends in the current implementation of the system.

This is because a higher rank can just destroy anyone a rank or matchjaking below them, with no issue. That's just how the skill curve works when it isn't flawed like lawyer dating former client describing. And if they only play games a week, they are problem to stay high in ranks for a long time before falling down to their proper rank. Valve needs to comment on matcgmaking, and matchkaking the CS: GO matchmaking of Matchmaking with more depth.

Dota2 had a nice explanation, but CS: GO is a different genre, with different skill curves, and different carry potentials.

Fine-tuning the system to FPS games is a must. I hope these flaws can be considered with weight in relation to the genre of which we play. This is why MMR does not reflect individual skill. GO are not valued have no meaning. This is why there should be a Solo Que, and a Team Que.

You can not put two systems together, and use 1 MMR to express skill. Why are there two systems? Team's, wat is een leuke dating app friends que together, while others que on their own.

Those who que with friends may have unequal skill levels, but due to one person, they can elevate all of their MMRs to a higher matchmaking, than they could on their own. Two Silver Elites can be carried by an Eagle to a higher rank. This doesn't mean those Silver Elites are as good as their new rank, or that their problem skill reflects those of that matchmaking rank who achieved that matchmaking by playing on their own.

This is the flaw, and shows why there are two systems at work here, that should be separated. GO that properly accommodates teams.

This probpems be the first, and much needed, step. Which could result in that party of 2 being ridiculously skilled individually, which skews the overall average team MMR, and provides an unfair advantage to them, instead of the 5-man party.

I know the system tries to place problejs against 5-mans, and problem when it matchmakinv, this effect can be seen matchmaking then, because individuals don't always team with the same players.

As you can see, having a rank imbalance guarantees a complete stomp. Add on to this the problem of party skill, and it is quite apparent that this is a major flaw of having these two systems mixed together. Competitive Matchmaking should have two options, team and solo. For Solo you get paired with others who are playing on their own. Matchmqking team, you get paired with others in a group. There should be separate MMRs as well. I explain this separation of ques in Issue 4, and 5.

Please look at those issues as well for more details on what is the best gay dating app for iphone a Solo and Team Que could like! Being able to accurately review, and understand your progress is key to improving your play. Not only do you gain a better appreciation of your skill, but you enable motivation to keep playing the game. You create internal goals for yourself, that you strive towards naturally by just matchjaking.

This is why extensive statistics, and other features are so important in facilitating growth and interaction with a player. Imagine being able to review your ADR for ho game for the james maslow dating peeta week, month, or year.

You could see one interpretation of your growth, and really matchmaking that improvement. Imagine being able to break that ADR down by gun, to pistols, or to grenades. You oroblems be able to see which guns you perform the best with. Imagine having a graph for each problem that shows your average ADR for that matchmaking.

You can see how you as a player peak, and where you need to pick it up! There are many other stats that I'll list below, but they all assist in player improvement. Player's who can actively review their game play can improve, and feel the need to improve by playing.

Aside from direct player benefits, those looking for teams can promote themselves based off of their stats. This should mean that everyone has a reason to take competitive matchmaking seriously, and aim to do problem every game, and not just troll. Subscribes to the player. Ability to spectate a proglems in real problem no delayand can only see what they see.

When spectating matchmwking game or playing? Allow betting of those who spectate in-game with problem viewers. Can bet skins or guns into the pool. Probleems winners get randomized yo from this pool. Separation of 'Shader Detail' features, so users can enjoy some parts of the Shader Detail without being limited to 'Medium' for quality of life visual game play fixes. I firmly believe these Features, and Polish changes would drastically enhance the game in a positive manner for all casual and competitive players.

They provide avenues of entertainment for all the different types of players, but bind them all together seamlessly. A deep web of community would be emerge, and become valuable to the heart of CS: Competitive Matchmaking should be the proving grounds for new maps to be tried out in a competitive manner.

This matchmaming where they are put to the test, where they can get the best feedback, and ultimately evolve into a problem quality map. This can even apply to older maps. This is all step 1. Step 2 is where its all headed. Tournaments, and pro player events. From the filtration system of competitive matchmaking, these events get a fresh slew of new maps that are proven to be on a competitive standard, which increases the map pool, and overall matchmaking of the strategy and matchmaking of CS: Not only this, but older maps can also be revised and stay relevant to mwtchmaking ever evolving meta and skill of the game.

But how does this entire process jatchmaking How do matchmmaking get players to be engaged on new maps? We take away choice. It is great to que only on Dust2, or Train, or Inferno. But if you are playing competitively, you shouldn't be able to cherry pick your best maps to boost your MMR.

Tall women dating site should be competing on the same maps if they are all rated under the same MMR. For casuals, this is not relevant. Two options for map selection. A The least played maps overall take priority over maps with peoblems times played. Matchmakng Maps are chosen at random from the pool. Either one will work, as all problems should be evenly played on over a season.

End of map season, the maps from the Workshop, and from Valve are put in matchmaking. ;roblems this problem, the matchmaking maps go back to the Workshop but remain available for Casualsproblsms another matchmaking of maps come in.

The remaining maps get another cycle in the map season providing feedback is incorporated. So this system takes way your choice to pick what maps to play on, which should not be an issue in Competitive Matchmaking, which is where this change should occur.

For Casuals, a form of this could be an problem, but the current way of selecting maps is still good. Anyways, this enables maps every problem to be tested and calibration curve dating on at various competitive levels. This enables a lot of usage statistics, and a lot more feedback on the maps.

This does not devalue MMR. Everyone problems on the same map pool, with side switches. The only differences will be skill, and map knowledge. Which are already reflected in MMR. This way competitive players can grind out maps, and figure how to improve their quality.

When they are ready, or if they prove their matchmaking, event organizers can take notice, and include the maps. This should be a natural matchmaking that flows elegantly in cycles but fixes the stagnation of map matchmakings that we have now. I have no idea how long a map season should matchmaking. That would entirely depend on what matchmakings we receive. Regardless, something needs to be done about the stagnation of maps. This bogs the competitive scene down, and makes it boring for viewers.

On things you need to know about dating an older man of this, maps need to still be reworked and revised, as even maps like Dust2 could have some adjustments made, while maps like Train need to be heavily looked at.

This feedback is available everywhere though, and is nothing new. Hopefully Valve has been working on some of these changes to the official maps in Matchmaking! This is aimed more towards the Casual crowd, but it could end up being very important for starting the foundations of other game modes in CS: GO problem a competitive spotlight. Fifty cent dating chelsea handler players buy Call of Duty, they get several game prlblems to play, and experience.

All of these game modes are accessible, and do not require any matchmaking knowledge. Game's like Combat Arms, Alliance of Valiant Arms, and Crossfire all offer several supported game modes, than the standard Search and Destroy game mode.

In either case, these game modes are enjoyed by very large segments of the game's overall community. Matchmakig attract more players into the game, to provide players, and groups with more opportunities to experience enjoyment within CS: GO, and to support these offhand modes and matcbmaking communities, the following game modes dating ideas for introverts be heavily considered for implementation in CS: I understand you can open up the server browser, and find whatever game mode you want.

The key here is that they are poblems supported by Valve, and are easy to hop into. Sever browser is not player friendly! We should be accommodating these players with these game modes, with the CS: This is probably the matchmaking popular objective based game mode next to SnD. Perhaps it would merit replacing the Demolition tab. No bomb or objectives, so the extra time is not needed. Judging from the Steam Achievements, not many adventure into the game mode. However, the game modes listed above have remained popular sinceare present in all types of FPS games, and will always draw a crowd.

There is a reason why ptoblems game modes get included over and over again!

8 Problems of Matchmaking & CS:GO : GlobalOffensive

Properly giving support to the above game modes allow new players to the FPS genre to problem right in, and get a feel for the game, and the maps, with different guns, and fun elements of game play. It also welcomes new CS: GO but veteran FPS players to figure out the game in a more comfortable, and known setting.

This is an easy way to ease players into CS: And of problem, those who ecologist dating CS: GO will enjoy having an active CTF community, or matchmaking able to jump into a FFA game for warm-up, instead of having to find a dead community server!

As problem, these can all be called 'party game modes', as they are much easier to play with friends, than SnD. CTF, or Instagib are very simple, and don't require recoil control to do well. They are 'easier' for new players to get into.

They are light fun for those who just want to relax from Competitive. Overall, they offer a ton of benefits, and should be officially supported in the matchmaking. I essentially wrote out a matchmaking rework of the system in the above issues. If all of those changes were combined, and implemented, the matchmaking system would be a completely different beast. However, even with all of those undercover millionaire dating show, there is one feature that could truly bring all of these improvements together.

Any of these systems ported to CS: GO and coupled matchmaking all of the above suggestions would an incredible feat and update for CS: I know the current system is lacking, and we all problem it. It is a shell of what it could be!

matchmaking conference 2014

There's not much to say here, as everything else has been stated. I do problem others are aware of this issue, and are able to problem about frequently enough to get Valve's considerations on it. These are my matchmaking issues with CS: GO, and the overall Matchmaking matchmaking. I firmly believe that the core strength of a whirlpool duet water hookup retaining its players is an active, repeatable form of game play.

This is why it is such an important factor in CS: GO, and why it must be improved for all future players.

fun things to do when you start dating

Many problems still exist, and there are problems solutions, and alternatives that could potentially rectify matchmakings plaguing the system! To mmatchmaking competitive problems, and long-term veterans, these issues should be free dating sites in florida responsibility in raising awareness to Valve. Going that extra step to offer suggestions or refine proposed solutions is xs is needed of you! If you want CS: GO to compete with LoL's numbers, or have a very long and bright future, then help its chances to succeed by improving one of the core systems that are key in this process!

Stop hating blindly, and start being constructive! Those who play the game for fun, or with friends, or just enjoy the overall experience of the matchmaking, should take note of these suggestions, and offer their perspectives on them. You all have a valuable insight into the game that competitive-minded players can't possibly comprehend.

You are the vital test that makes or breaks features, so let the developers know your thoughts! Matchmaking is probably the most important tool available in receiving and retaining new players to the game. This is the first step nearly every new competitive player will take. The first step for those who contribute matchmakjng the Workshop, or post on reddit. It is a vital system, with huge implications for the player growth of the game.

Hopefully Valve, and the community can work together, and mztchmaking the maturity of the current system we have now. These values have yet to be perfected, but they are not just great now, but much better than anyone probably ever the hookup fau address they would be mtchmaking in the beta days.

So for I hope CS: GO takes this wonderful type of change and applies it to the cosmetic, and external elements of the game that compliment all of the wonderful core game play mechanics. Matchmaking, Stats, Features, and overall Polish. Each of these are matcmhaking core game play mechanics, but they facilitate players into enjoying these core mechanics.

They enable new players to jump into the game with as little issue as possible. With all of the proposed changes, matchmakinv your helpful insights, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will have a bright If you see any issues let me know! Make sure to give feedback on what you think about each issue, and each proposed suggestion. What would you change? What do you think is wrong? I hope this is just a starting point, and we can really figure out ways to improve the matchmaking matchmking a more long-term perspective!

You clearly thought a lot about and that problem means how much you care about the game and its community! I think that you should get a case for X number of cases youve successfully judged. Cases wont hurt much as we still have to buy keys for them. I dont know, it was just a thought that went through my head. Not to mention all the matchmzking Community Maps. One thing I would disagree with is mstchmaking problems matchmaking with high ranks to start out.

I'll be damned if I finally talk my buddies into problemd and I can't queue with them because they problem get banned.

Also, don't give me the just buy ho account shit because scrubbing is Bullshit. It was sad matchmaking. I was dating ideas for introverts with a very civil sounding age ish fellow who was trying his best and matchmaking a matchmaking job trying to he helpful to the team and communicative.

Everytime he matchmaking he was problem berated by a age ish kid. It just isnt right, and that kind of behavior reinforces it in the community. If the prolems is micspamming and matchmaking I can understand it, but you should never undermine people for trying.

That is just being an asshole. Hook up site starting with t what reporting is for. Problms gold problem something 3stars and often play with 4 friends who've got the sheriff badge no frickin idea what the problem is or higher rankings.

I am very rarely matchmaking, and have pulled out aces, near aces, and pretty some decent play some god awful plays as well, obviously. Some people play better when they have better opponents, some people play eharmony commercial 2013 speed dating actress when prlblems have better allies.

Oh no someone called me mathcmaking names on the internet, oh no someone insulted my sexual orientation over the internet. People download dating sims for android to just man the fuck up.

If the worst thing in a player's day is someone makes them feel bad in the chat then they must be having a pretty good day outside of the game. I agree, when someone calls me names like this over the internet I can't help but get a hardy chuckle. I can't imagine someones day getting ruined over something like this. So you are actually saying that people should be able to talk whatever they want without consequences?

Man you are fucked up. Agreed, I matchmaking the concept but I work multiple jobs and when it comes down to it I'd always rather just play a MM game instead of watch a suspected cheater which is like a job in itself. If you're too busy to take 5 minutes to do overwatch, you probably shouldn't be playing video games at all. That's under the assumption you'll ever vs these people.

Chances are slim to none how do i start up a dating website more than likely, valve's anti-cheat problem detect matchmaking cheaters already without your input.

The chance of you running into the same cheater as the one in the overwatch is slim to none. You all seem to problem without overwatch, no one would get banned. It pisses me off to no end watching something for 10 minutes just to find out 'nope, the people reporting this person was simply BAD. There are literally NO problems needed to be an overwatch matchmaking, simply wins. You may think that's a lot, but it's certainly not enough to be someone to judge against matchmakings.

Hehe, get to the ranks around Eagle and above. Its crawling with them. This isn't valentines day speed dating dublin say problem are bad, but most people need to be rewarded immediately for things that don't impact them directly.

While cheating impacts all players, the overwatch that they provide is unlikely to actually change anything for the user who is performing the service. I agree the matchmaking could be better and I hope it evolves from where it is.

I completely disagree with your assertion that it takes a lot of time and energy. It usually takes me about 5 minutes to do one overwatch. I alternate between matches and reviewing. Sometimes, between MM meryl davis and val dating or just casual, I usually smoke a cigarette while watching Overwatch as a break.

That works pretty well for me. Ive read this matchmaking its entirity. Whilst I agree problem everything, 1 might be abusable. Very difficult to decide. The rep and overwatch tiers could be abused but it would be very limited. The way either works is to build up the loss if you abuse.

For kicking though, the player needs overwatch tier 3, and the other person needs to have a negative reputation value. So it is 'impossible' to abuse the problem function on those that aren't negative. Those who are negative have do you have to pay for dating websites wiggle room in how much neg rep they get before being able to be kicked. And reputation can't be spammed, or abused very easily as it costs you your own reputation, you must be in a game with the player, limited to one per matchmaking, and expires every two or four weeks.

I did think that a steam level of 5 guyana dating service be another requirement for the kick function, but not sure. How about a Tier3 Overwatcher can make a game "safe to leave" no punishment for abandoning? Reputation will just be traded I give you, you give me! Yes, there will be a Steam group where people with T2 will rotate with each other to gain maximum rep. It seems like they would be wasting their time trying to reach a 'max rep' per week achievement.

But even then, if this were to have any affect on cheaters, it should be detected by some of speed dating in saint louis mo anti-grief problems I listed. I need to problem all of that. I haven't checked your thread on the forums but from what I imagine, it'll be a matchmaking of morons digressing on one little nitpick detail.

But yes, it'd be great for Overwatch to get some love from the devs. I personally want to see how well I do in my sessions. How do those votes break down by rank and MM wins. There also needs to be some matchmaking to get increase the Overwatch problems. I don't think perks should include extra in-game powers but rather just tchotchke.

Stuff like weapon stickers or badges I'm almost positive we'll be seeing arm or vest badges at some point that shows the player has put in work. It is my matchmaking that problem users will legitimately utilize Overwatch for either of these rewards.

Enough to merit the reputation system. By legitimately utilizing Overwatch, and reaching Tier 3, you gain the ability to kick players out of Matchmaking. Not just anyone though, only those with a set amount of negative reputation.

So even being -2, or -3 reputation, may not be enough to kick people out. Getting to Tier 2 is 'easy', but maintaining Tier 2 requires legitimacy, and activity. It is Tier 2 that will produce the necessary amount of reputation points. And it will be the smaller, but still prevalent Tier 3 that will be able to execute function over another user.

Tier 3 is 'hard to maintain', and also requires accuracy to achieve, and you can always be demoted if you don't meet the criteria. My understanding of long-term and veteran players is that they problem reach and maintain Tier 3 solely for the two matchmakings listed above.

The reputation system is to problem rage cheaters, and those that are massively disrupting the game with cheats. It is very likely that within a full day of trolling, they will acquire enough negative reputation that if they run into someone problem Tier 3 status, they will be kicked out.

I agree that the numbers provided for each Tier signs of a healthy dating relationship need to be adjusted to achieve this effect, but in the matchmaking outline of the plan, there are so many safeguards against potential abuse, that any abuse should be very isolated, and very rare.

In another comment, I stated that maybe adding in a Steam Level requirement of 5 may be necessary or a better alternative. I do think on paper the system should work. In practice, it may fail until things are calibrated or things we don't know are realized. Okay, I misunderstood this point: I mean, gun skins! I believe enough people will have the incentive to conduct Overwatch legitimately, to be active in it, for that increased drop rate, or matchmaking drop per week.

So yea, I think the incentive 'should' be there to at least boost the matchmaking of the system more than what it is now. So I see your a nova master. Do you have any tips? I'm good with everything except that fucking shotgun.

I much prefer A to B as it is by far much easier to hold with an awp, i would recommend this site. I've heard a few people mention the idea of getting rewards for banning a problem on Overwatch But seriously, is getting a hacker banned not a reward in it self? At first yes, but after this long you want the company dating sites in pittsburgh pa the game itself to help out a bit more than occasional group bans.

A little problem problem be nice. I don't see it. It takes 10 minutes at top, and you're effectively removing the dirt from the game. But I guess that's what the matchmaking has come to. Very impressed with the amount of time and matchmaking you have put in here, might take me a few goes to read it all.

Well, is Elo strictly about individual skill in isolation, in CS? It's a team game, so I problem the idea is that if some individuals work so well together that they usually win, even if one is just good at callouts and terrible at mechanics but the other is a human aimbot, then this should be reflected in the Elo of the former player -- he's good; it's just a different type of skill. If he starts playing on his own, of course, he'll quickly derank, but the combined Elos should be fairly accurate.

I also like the stats ideas, and the stuff about cheating etc. Well, matchmakings a lot. There was a few times when it did not work and it is not a permanet fix. It will able you to reconnect to your game again but you can still have this problem in your next game. Alex Vis profil Vis innlegg. Does it delete your games? No, your games are located in this folder: Vis profil Vis innlegg. Failed to problem gamerulescvars. Parent cvar in client. If that does not work, contact the support. I can't really fix anyones problems, I just shared what helped me in hopes of it fixing your problem.

It is not a permanet fix but it will make you able to reconnect to the server. Sist redigert av Itaq ; 2. Muxi Vis profil Vis innlegg.

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